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​Vitality is life, life force, health, youth, or ability to live or exist. The word vitality is derived from the Latin word vita, which means life.

​Amplify your life with our unorthodox natural services. Come and experience what true grassroots therapies have to offer. Our modalities are ancient techniques proven to restore vital well-being.

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What Orchid Vitality has to offer you?

If you are looking for the BEST unorthodox services, products, and EXPERT knowledge - look no further. Orchid Vitality is the southern abode of the Vitality Massage, the Honey and Lavender Massage, Colon Hydrotherapy implants, authentic in-house formulated probiotics and the Herbal Champagne (non-alcoholic). Custom V-Steam Baths coming soon!

room with massage table and purple light

Full-Body 75-Minute Massages


Long fluid strokes penetrating dermal and muscular layers. Using a mixture of techniques our "House" massage is very relaxing and the hand movements such as effleurage, kneading, Percussion, Trigger point, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release or Acupressure to help the body release tension and improve circulation.

Orchid Vitality’s "House" massage may also include range of motion stretching. The benefits of these integrated techniques are wide-ranging and include relief from aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body, enhanced mental clarity, and greater flexibility.

Sea Salt Massage Stone on woman's back

Vitality Massage ​Eucalyptus and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Stones



The strong refreshing scent of eucalyptus and combined with a unique variety of minerals of the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt stones that will help to detox, cleanse and soften your skin. These amazing and highly therapeutic combination can

  • Soothe muscle aches and pains,
  • Improve breathing (asthma, sinuses, congestion)
  • Reduce environmental allergies
  • Enhance sleep quality
  • Anti-aging
  • Promotes circulation
Cupping W/Acupressure

Cupping W/Acupressure 45 Minutes



A therapeutic cupping treatment involves placing cups, usually made of glass, silicon, or plastic, on the skin. A vacuum is created when it is applied to the skin, the tissue is drawn up into the cup. This increases the blood flow, loosens the fascia or connective tissue, and is thought to stimulate healing. It is similar to the way deep tissue massage can be used to break up scar tissue and reduce pain. The use of cups allows for the stretching and opening of muscle tissue, creating space to drain toxins from your cells. Toxins are pushed from your cells into the lymphatic system; this is a catalyst to thrust your natural detoxification process. Cupping is used to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism, and even CELLULITE.

jar of honey surrounded by lavender

Honey and Lavender 65 Minute Massage

​ $115

Full Body Massage w/RAW HONEY, Lavender Oil and Hot Towels.

  • Stimulates the lymph system
  • ​Improves the heat control of the skin
  • Anti-inflammatory and aids in relaxation
  • Improves Circulation and hydrates the skin.
hydrotherapy chair

Colon Hydrotherapy

Indications for Clinical Colon Hydrotherapy:

  • General constipation
  • Iron supplementation, Pain, Anti-convulsant, Beta-blockers for hypertension and Anti-Depression medication therapy.
  • Slow bowel transit (i.e. Gastroparesis, Colon inertia)
  • Fecal Impaction (i.e. low thyroid)
  • Preparation for surgeries and colonoscopies
  • Re-training/toning of the bowel muscles due to overuse of laxatives
  • GERD, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS.

Implants and Add-Ons

An implant is an enema-type therapy which delivers healing herbs and/or nutrients throughout the entire large intestines to address specific health needs (energy, mineral/vitamins). Implants/enemas are administered after a series of Colon Hydrotherapy sessions (two consecutive sessions minimum). Implants/enemas are NOT administered under any Clinical Hydrotherapy protocols (medically prescribed).

Liver/Gallbladder Implant - Stimulates bile secretion from the liver and loosen impacted fecal matter and gallstones.

Chlorophyll Implant - Helps to deodorize and detoxify the body and carries oxygen and an abundance of nutrients to your cells to fight toxins (provides overall purification of the body); leaves one feeling energized and refreshed.

"Healthy Bacteria" Probiotic Implant - Replenishes the “good” bacteria in the large intestines; especially, after chronic antibiotic use. Helps with Candida overgrowth, boosts immune function and also helps restore peristaltic movement in the colon.

Microbe Mutilator Parasite Implant - A combination microbe destroying, anti-parasitic herbs including clove, wormwood, black walnut, fennel seeds and garlic.

Hemorrhoid Repair Implant - A blend of astringent herbs used to tighten and shrink hemorrhoid discomfort.

Mineral-Nutrition Panel Rebuilder Implant - A special blend of mineral dense herbs to reshape and tone the large intestines along with restoring minerals and vitamin nutrition to the cells. Perfect for post-chemotherapy recuperation.

"Butter=Butt" Implant - A formula of plants rich in butyric acid to assist with repairing the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing anxiety, and IBS symptoms.

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